WalkingPad X23

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The WalkingPad X23 is a versatile treadmill suitable for various training needs. With speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour, it offers the opportunity for both gentle walks and more intensive workouts. The foldable design makes it easy to store the treadmill after use, making it a practical choice for home use, even in smaller spaces.

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  • Max 136kg
  • Product Weight: 47 kg
  • App: KS Fit
  • Unfolded: 1024*774*1545mm
  • Folded: 1024 * 774 * 259mm
  • Running area: 508*1320mm

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Powerful motor yet quiet in use

The treadmill is quiet in use due to the brushless motor. At the highest speed, the WalkingPad X23 produces a sound of 75 decibels. Damping has also been taken into account when designing the tire. The 4-layer tire ensures that there is good damping and noise is reduced to a minimum. This means that housemates will not be disturbed during your workout.

Easy to store

The WalkingPad X23 can be folded in half and therefore easily stored under a bed or cupboard, or place the treadmill against the wall. Thanks to the ingenious system with two hinge points, whipping can be done within one minute.

Easy operation

You can operate the WalkingPad X23 treadmill in various ways. This can be done by turning the knob on the display. It is also possible to connect the treadmill to an app and operate it with it. It is useful that the bracket has a removable holder for a telephone or tablet.

Real-time display of workout info

Information about the distance traveled, current speed, duration of the workout and calories burned is immediately visible on the built-in screen in the bracket. This also serves as support at higher speeds. In the middle there is a dial with which the speed can be adjusted. You can also connect your phone to the WalkingPad using NFC, where you can immediately see all the data about your workout.